Kitsap Martial Arts Summer Camps 2023

The summer camp activities listed below will be held in addition to our regularly scheduled martial arts classes during the summer.

Existing members will receive a discount on registration price and attendees of multiple camps will receive a bulk event price. The material covered in these camps is accessible to regular dojo members as well as those who have no previous experience with our training.

These events are currently placeholders, event registration links will be available soon.

Kenjutsu 1 – July 10 – 14 1pm – 3pm

We received great feedback from our spring break kenjutsu camp so we’re doing it again. This class will cover the fundamentals of Japanese swordwork as taught in the Kukishinden Ryu Happobiken curriculum, a classical

Bojutsu 1 – July 17 – 21 1pm – 3pm

Explore the rokushaku bo (six foot stick) in this workshop.

Kenjutsu 2 – July 14 – 28 1pm – 3pm

The Kenjutsu 2 program will present the fundamentals of kenjutsu as presented in the Togakure Ryu Ninja Bikenjutsu curriculum.

Summer Camp 4 – July 31 – Aug 4 1pm – 3pm

Content TBD

Shurikenjutsu 1 – Aug 7 – 11 1pm – 3pm

Learn about the iconic throwing blades used by ninja and samurai. This camp will end with an archery-style target competition.

Summer Camp 5 – Aug 14 – 18 1pm – 3pm

Content TBD