KMA Instructors

Brian Church


Brian is the founder and owner of Kitsap Martial Arts as well as the primary instructor of classes for adults, kids, and teens.

A Michigan native, Brian began his training in Budo Taijutsu while attending college in the late 1990s. In 2001, he moved to San Francisco and began studying under Dale Seago, one of the first 20 Americans to reach 5th dan. Since 2014, Brian has continued his training with Aric Keith of the Cascade Tenchijin dojo in Vancouver, Washington.

In 2019, Brian earned his 5th dan in Budo Taijutsu in Japan, just before Sōke Hatsumi retired from teaching. 

Brian holds rank in a number of other systems and uses this knowledge to gain a better understanding of how different types of movement connect to and complement one another. 

A Level I MovNat instructor, Brian believes that movement should be fun at every stage of life. He encourages his students to play and explore the boundaries of what they’re able to achieve. 

Brian moved to Poulsbo in 2007 and lives with his wife, two daughters, and their two dogs. When he isn’t working, spending time with his family, training, or teaching classes, Brian can be found planning his next D&D campaign, occupied with building projects around the house (or dojo!), or googling for the dates of the next Marvel or Star Wars releases. 

Lauren Melone


Lauren joined the KMA team in 2017 shortly after moving to Poulsbo, WA. Her background includes training in martial arts, stunt choreography, and acrobatics as well as CrossFit and StrongWoman athletics.

In true superhero fashion, she spends her days as a Speech Pathologist and in her free time, she inspires us all by lifting and sometimes throwing very heavy things.

Sensei Lauren has taken a break from teaching to focus on career and athletic pursuits but does occasionally drop in to say hello or to teach a class when her schedule allows.

Poulsbo Kickboxing Coaches

Melanie Stroud, Poulsbo Kickboxing program manager and instructor

Melanie Stroud

PBOKBX Manager and Instructor

Melanie found kickboxing over half a decade ago and she’s been punching out her fitness goals and daily stressors ever since.

Using her day-job skills as a voice and music teacher, Melanie fosters a welcoming and encouraging environment at PBOKBX. She understands that when people feel safe, strong, and supported, they can become the very best version of themselves.

When she isn’t teaching students or dreaming up new kickboxing routines (often while lying in bed!), she can be found exploring the trails and walking paths of the Pacific Northwest with friends and family, including her three kids and black Labrador, Mona.

While she proudly sports her (all black) PBOKBX gear to every class, her favorite color is turquoise, which she’ll wear to commemorate her 500th kickboxing class—a goal she’s hoping to reach in time for her 40th birthday later in 2022!

Kela Quichocho

PBOKBX Instructor

Hawaiian-born, Washington state-raised Kela (pronounced Kay-La) might be new(ish) to teaching, but her passion for kickboxing runs deep. She started classes in 2017 and quickly fell in love with all the benefits of the sport, including being able to let go of the frustrations of the day simply by hitting the bag.

As an instructor, she is devoted to creating challenging routines that are accessible to all, mastering proper form, and sweating it out alongside her students.

In addition to kickboxing, Kela is a huge fan of home workouts, as well as nature hikes with her family, including her high school sweetheart husband and three young children. While travel (which includes regular trips to Disneyland!), adventure, and activity are central to her life, she also relishes quiet moments on rainy days reading and snuggling with her kids.

Verna Dumlao

PBO KBX Instructor

Almost a decade ago, during a particularly stressful time in her life, Verna walked into her first kickboxing class. Today, she helps others create healthy habits, reach their fitness goals, and manage stress as an instructor at PBOKBX.

She credits kickboxing with giving her the tools and the outlet she needed to create a healthy, positive mindset that has allowed her to meet and exceed goals in every facet of her life. In her classes, she’s constantly inspiring her students to work hard and believe in what they’re capable of achieving. This attitude extends to new challenges she sets for herself every day.

Verna was born in the Philippines, raised in Hawaii, and went to school in California, but has embraced Kitsap County as her current home. She enjoys the beauty of the area and everything it offers, including digging her own clams—which she does while maintaining a (as-perfect-as-possible) squat!

In her less active moments, she enjoys watching movies and spending time with her family.

Erica Williams

PBO KBX Instructor

A lot of people start working out to lose weight, but it can be hard to maintain motivation. Erica found hers with kickboxing! Just six months after walking into her first class, Erica began training as an instructor. Now, several years later, she continues to enjoy helping her students have fun while meeting their fitness goals.

In addition to her kickboxing routine, Erica lifts weights several times a week all while maintaining a busy schedule, which includes working towards a degree in Medical Assisting and helping out with the Tracyton Peewee Sport Association.

A Texas native, she met her husband when they were both in middle school. The couple has two kids and moved to Washington ten years ago on a military deployment.