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Kitsap Ninja Kids and Teens

Kids and teens need an outlet outside of school for their energy, creativity, and social growth. Plus, it’s widely recognized that good habits built while young can often last for a lifetime.

Kitsap Ninja Kids is our martial arts program for children ages five to fourteen years old. We currently offer two class times by age group and the material presented in each is an age-appropriate subset of our full adult curriculum.

The goal of this program is to improve confidence, strength, and flexibility (mental and physical) through challenging but fun drills. In our classes, kids (and adults) explore a wide range of movement skills from tumbling and falling safely to crawling, leaping, vaulting, and climbing to improve awareness of their physical body and environments. On top of that, we layer on combative skills from classical Japanese martial arts to help them learn how to use their bodies efficiently and drills to help them understand personal safety and self-defense. Everything is wrapped in a healthy layer of character-building principles to help them learn how to make good, safe decisions and strive to be their best when faced with difficult situations.

Ninja Kids Class Rules

Our Ninja Kids class rules are intended to be practiced inside and outside the dojo. Between each class, students are tasked with the homework of practicing their Ninja Kids class rules outside of class. At the beginning of class, we often talk about examples of how students practiced these rules at home or in school.

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1. Listen to Sensei
Pay attention to the directions communicated by the teacher, parent, or other trusted adult.
2. Be Safe
Pay attention to what is happening around you and avoid as many dangerous situations as possible.
3. Have Fun
As long as we’re following rules #1 and #2 there is plenty of room to have fun and if we’re having fun the rest of the rules are easier.
4. Keep Trying
When things in life are difficult we keep trying.
5. Fold Your Laundry
Be a good steward, take care of your things.
6. No Cutting Corners
Take pride in what you do and do it to completion without skipping any necessary steps.

Ninja Kids Age 5-9

In our younger kids class, we focus on improving body awareness, balance, and control. In a playful way, we help our kids develop stronger bodies and to build confidence through physical competence.

Our classes aren’t run like a military boot camp. Our serious but playful approach makes learning fun and helps shy or timid students step out of their shells and enjoy their martial arts journey.

Ninja Kids/Teens Age 10-14

In our older kids/teens class we increase our expectations but maintain the same gamified/play as the way approach to teaching classes. Students in this class are presented with additional coordination and conditioning drills and we dive deeper into the full adult curriculum and dynamic application drills.

Character-building principles are a major component of our older kids class, just as it is in our younger kids class. We expect our students to be good stewards of safety and service in the community, not just in the dojo.