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Six Weeks of Samurai and Shinobi Summer Camp

Explore the exciting arts of the samurai and shinobi this summer at our six one-week camps which will dive into a different slice of our classical Japanese martial arts curriculum.

No previous experience is necessary and these camps are open to brand-new students as well as veteran students of our dojo.

What to expect

Each week our practice will cover fundamental skills that help connect minds and bodies. These skills transcend martial arts practice and bring a higher state of awareness, balance, and control to our daily lives.

But, this is a martial arts camp so we’ll also be learning about the mechanics of striking (hands, feet, elbows, and knees), the mindset of self-defense (being safe or surviving), and a different area of weapon arts each week.

  • Saho – manners and etiquette
  • Kokyuho – breathing exercises
  • Junan Taiso – flexibility and conditioning
  • Taihenjutsu – body changing arts – crawling, walking, leaping, landing, and rolling
  • Dakkentaijutsu – striking arts
  • Jutaijutsu – grappling arts
  • Goshinjutsu – self-defense
  • Bukijutsu – weapon arts

Camp Schedules

Camps will be held each week, Monday through Friday, from 1 – 3 pm at Kitsap Martial Arts Dojo (unless otherwise communicated).

Safety is our primary objective. Students will be equipped with appropriate training tools or equipment, provided with detailed safety instructions, and monitored carefully by instructors throughout the training.

Students will practice solo drills as well as partnered drills in each session to develop proper structure, timing and distance.

Week 1 – July 17-21


This class will cover the fundamentals of Japanese swordwork as taught in the Kukishinden Ryu Happobiken curriculum, a classical school of samurai swordsmanship.

Week 2 – July 24-28


Explore the rokushaku bo (six-foot stick) in this workshop. Younger students will be equipped with appropriately sized training tools for this camp.

Week 3 – July 31 – Aug 4

Ninja Biken

Learn the secret sword arts of Ninja Biken as presented in the Togakure Ryu ninjutsu curriculum

Week 4 – Aug 7-11


The hanbo is a three-foot stick which makes it a versatile tool.

Week 5 – Aug 14-18


Learn about the iconic throwing stars and spikes used by both the ninja and samurai.

Week 6 – Aug 21-25

Kusari Fundo

Our final week of Summer camp sessions will cover the use of the weighted chain.

Summer Camp Pricing


One Week



Three Weeks


Save $80

Six Weeks


Save $150


One Week


Three Weeks


Save $90

Six Weeks


Save $225

Family Discounts

Our standard family member discounts apply to the pricing above. The second family member will receive a 20% discount, the third family member will receive a 30% discount, the fourth family member will receive a 40% discount, and the fifth or more will receive a 50% discount.

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